LED Wallpack Light Fixture, 100~277V, 5000K, 80W, Outdoor Wall Pack Lighting, Sealed with High Grade Weatherproof Silicone Gasket, for Parking Areas, Driveways, Garages, Bronze

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LED Wallpack Light Fixture, 100~277V, 5000K, 80W, Outdoor Wall Pack Lighting

  • The 80W led Wall Pack light can be very shatter resistant, and is able to handle wet weather conditions. Therefore, it is a suitable outdoor led light used widely for buildings and outdoor areas, such as alleyways, parking lots, building exteriors, commercial outdoor spaces, churches, etc.
  • 80W outdoor wall lighting has a lumen count of up to 10,000 with a beam angle of around 120 degrees and provides very bright 5000K light, which is more brighter than other 60W led wall pack, meaning it is more stable and energy efficient.
  • Adheres to the principle of higher standard and superior quality for all products by testing each product for first-rank insurance and performance.
  • Each 80W led wall pack light equips with a photocell, and customers can decide whether to use photocell or not in accordance with practical situation; It also comes with the gradienter, which allows you to install quickly and precisely. Based on estimates, it takes five minutes to install one wall pack light. Input voltage: 110-277V.
  • 30 Days