Chair Bands for Kids with Fidgety Feet and Restlessness For Classroom Seating

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Chair Bands are the perfect solution for allowing a child to constantly move their legs while sitting. Allowing kids to move while they sit increases their focus and attention. Perfect for teachers with kids that wiggle. The class becomes a happier more focused environment.

  • The chair bands are a continuous loop that easily stretches around the front two legs of a school chair.
  • They can be removed and then moved to another chair quickly and can be used over and over again.
  • They install easily within seconds! Chairs can be lifted, moved and stacked, while they stay secured.
  • They can stretch to fit chairs that are a distance apart from 12"-18" between the chair legs.
  • Students love being able to wiggle while they work!
  • Active students are more spend more time on task and productive when they can move.
  • 30 Days