Ceramic Butter Dish Crock Big Capacity French Glass with lid Water Seal Tray Holder- Red

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Ceramic Butter Dish Crock Big Capacity French Glass with lid Water Seal Tray Holder- Red

  • More Convenience: The butter dish with glass container could stay away from the refrigerator, the butter dish keeps the soft, spreadable & original taste of the butter, its also dishwasher safe.

  • Easy To Clean: Smooth glaze on the butter dish keeper is non-sticky & the ceramic design makes it easier to clean with dishwasher, soap & water, which in turn helps keep your kitchen clean, tidy & orderly.

  • Butter Dish: The butter dish keeper with glass have the uniform color appearance with the clear glass body. The elegant transparent glass of the butter dish with the ceramic cover is suitable for your kitchen. The perfect choice to store your butter and to keep it fresh longer!

  • Renew the Water: It is highly recommended to change the water approximately every 2 to 3 days & this could be part of your morning routine. The butter dish keeper container works best with real butter instead of margarine.

  • Large Capacity: This French butter crock dish holder holds about one stick or cube (1/2 cup or 125 grams) of your delicious and favorite butter, or your own incredible homemade butter. It is extremely practical, simple and easy for your family, also a perfect gift for all occasions and for all loved ones!

    How to Use the Butter Dish Crock?

  • 1.Be sure to keep the crock dish away from heat.

  • 2.Fill up the bell with clean water when it is completely dry.

  • 3.Press one stick of softened butter (or 1 & 1/3 stick) into the bell

  • 4.Use One piece at a time & squish the air bubbles out with a spoon.

  • 5.Do not put new butter into existing butter, as it may fall into the water.

  • Place the bell into the bottom of the dish crock. Enjoy your fresh butter!
  • 30 Days