Ameritac 9” Side Zip Suede Leather Combat Work Outdoor Men's Desert Tan Boots

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Whatever your outdoor activity of choice, the Ameritac Military Combat Boots will help you achieve top performance. Designed as military field boots, they offer the comfort, protection and functionality you need. Each part of the boots has been designed with intent to maximize function. Wherever you find yourself, you can rely on these rugged tactical boots for strength and support. Side Zipper and Speedlace System You will notice the extreme functionality of these boots as soon as you put them on. The speed lace system is complemented by a side zipper that allows for even faster putting on or removal. The Velcro closure on the zipper makes sure it stays closed and also provides additional water resistance. The metal eyelet and hook system ensures that your laces fit properly. Secure Footing Anywhere One of the best qualities of these boots is the sole system that is geared to provide support and traction in a wide range of conditions. The rubber outsole is shaped to grip tightly whether you are walking on rock, pebbles or sandy soil. The lightweight midsole is formed so as to support your foot and keep you comfortable even if you are traveling all day. The 9-inch height of the boots gives you additional ankle support to reduce fatigue. Design and Function Another benefit of these durable field boots is the protection they offer. The breathable suede leather with nylon panels makes the Ameritac boot a great choice in hot weather, while the water resistance helps to keep your feet dry. Engineered down to the last detail, these boots feature a tongue with special gusseting to ensure that sand and dirt particles stay in their place – outside of your boots. All Day Comfort You will be amazed at how lightweight your boots are while providing such a high degree of support and protection. Their lightness makes them ideal when you need to go the distance. The padded collar adds ankle support as well as comfort. With Ameritac, you do not have to compromise. When you are looking for durability, comfort and protection, these combat boots deliver on all points. Features: 9-inch high boots for maximum support Suede Leather with Nylon panel construction Fast-drying, water resistant, extra-tough material Optimal fit and all-over support for all-day travel High-quality, breathable construction Heavy-duty chiseled sole for protection and stability All-day comfort in extreme conditions Specialized gusseted tongue design keeps out gravel, sand and other intruders Lightweight design with ultimate durability Lightweight molded EVA midsole for all-day comfort and fatigue control Side zipper and speed lace system Optimal fit and all-over support

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