Air Fryer Lid for Instant Pot 6QT Model 1300W Pressure Cooker Lid Fits Pot 6-Quart Models Duo, Duo Nova, Pro, Ultra, Max, Smart wifi 6-Quart

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Air Fryer Lid for Instant Pot 6QT Model, 1300W Powerful Pressure Cooker Lid, Air Fryer Transformer, Turn Pressure Cooker into Air Fryer/Broil/Dehydrator

  • Compatible for Instant pot model:
  • Duo 6-Quart 6-Quart
  • Duo Nova 6-Quart
  • Pro 6-Quart
  • Ultra 6-Quart
  • Max 6-Quart
  • Smart wifi 6-Quart

  • Easy to turn your 6QT pressure cooker into an air fryer into an air fryer and do not have to buy a whole air fryer appliance. Perfect for instant pot 6QT pressure cooker Fits Models DUO 60, DUO Nova 60, Ultra 60, Max 60, smart WIFI 60, viva 60, Nova Plus 60

  • This air fryer lid has 7 preset functions (Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Pizza, Egg tart, Sweet Potato, Fish). You can also set an appointment time of 10min~10h, cooking is up to you. The special LED panel + touch control + 7 pre-selected settings, real-time display of frying temperature, easy to operate. Compared with traditional oil frying, adopt fast air circulation, reduces oil and fat by 85%, perfect for wings, crispy fries, onion rings. Less oil, less fat, which is definitely a revolutionary healthy diet for you.

  • Adopts new cooking technology by 360° rapid air circulation, our air fryer lid provides your food with a crispy and golden appearance, which tastes like a fryer, but with only a few drops of oil. For people who like crispy and healthy dishes: The Air Fryer Lid has overheating protection and automatic shutdown function, so you can use it more at ease. Quality guarantees, safety of use.
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