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Introducing AEW Pro Wrestling Game! The popular wrestlers have a wide variety of customization features. AEW popular wrestlers have appeared in the reality name, and offer a wide variety of options including custom wrestlers (costumes and looks), custom moving sets (techniques), custom entrances, custom teams, and custom arenas. In addition, it also has a career mode that allows AEW players to experience growing in AEW as they become wrestler and experience the road life. Play your own game with a match of dreams. Play hot battles with easy operation Game formats include single match, tag match, 3-way, 4-way, ladder match, casino battle royal, Falls Count Eniware, Light-out matches (battle game match), and barbed blast matches. Expand more intense battles with other players, such as tagmatches (multi-player online co-operation) that can be operated with simple commands. A new pro-wrestling game that combines nostalgia and novelty. Also known as game enthusiasts and AEW professional wrestler, Kenny Omega, has worked on creating this work. Plus, it is irresistible for fans of the wrestling game yesteryear. The Juks has produced many masterpieces in the world. Introducing a new pro-wrestling game that combines the nostalgia of yesteryear.

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