4 Cup High Quality Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Maker, Stand, Two Layer Cone

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Redefine your daily coffee experience!

Learn Barista's Best Kept Secrets and Delight Your Senses !

The Essence Pour-Over Coffee Maker is the best way to prepare fresh coffee for your delicate mornings.

  • Faster and easier than ever. As a traditional method of manual coffee brewing, this pour over coffee maker allows you to prepare delicious coffee in the comfort of your own home. There is no loss of flavor. After a little practice, you can master the taste and come up with your own perfect brewing recipe.
  • Reusable & Built to Last. Forget about plastic or paper filters that may give a strange flavor to your coffee! The cone is strong and durable, made with fine slow-drip mesh to be present at all the special moments with those you love.
  • Double Filter with Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Mesh. The finest mesh available, crafted with DOUBLE FILTER, filters your coffee completely, ensuring that no coffee grounds will reach your cup. This reusable mesh is designed to extract the essential oils and flavors of your coffee.
  • Portable and lightweight, simply perfect to bring it with you for camping.
  • Eco-Friendly, you limit the waste of paper filters.
  • A Perfect Gift. Your pour over coffee filter will be delivered in a nice box which makes the perfect gift for all the coffee lovers in your life.
  • 30 Days