10-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set of Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Whiskey Stones, Stainless Steel Tray and Tongs

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The solution to watered down, bland-tasting alcohol spirits with its whiskey decanter set that comes complete with elegantly designed pure crystal scotch glasses and decanter (with airtight stopper for longer liquor storage), stainless steel whiskey stones, serving tongs, and a rectangular chilling tray for that most satisfying glass of perfectly chilled straight whiskey. Whiskey Stones are a better alternative to ice cubes because they effectively take the edge off any liquor and let you serve your spirit neatly chilled without watering it down and subduing its taste like regular ice does. While there are soapstone and granite varieties of whiskey stones, the whiskey glass and decanter bar set comes with stainless steel non-porous, tasteless, and odorless bourbon balls that retain their cool temperature longer and give your whiskey shot a more sustained chill.

  • Lead-free, pure crystal 33.75-ounce single decanter with airtight stopper topped with 6 whiskey glasses that will present a complete whiskey experience like no other.
  • This crystal whiskey decanter set also includes a premium grade 304 stainless steel chilling tray, serving tongs, and 6 whiskey stones that are better than ice.
  • This complete whiskey decanter set is perfect for everyday use or special dinners with friends. All pieces are made of quality glassware and premium stainless steel
  • Serve your whiskey with just the right chill and style. This complete whiskey decanter set includes whiskey stones that will not drip in your tray
  • The whiskey glasses are expertly crafted so that their design sets a classic tone yet appeals across all ages.
  • A finely crafted bourbon whiskey can only be touched by the glass that is cut and prepared by the best craftsmen.

    Items Included:
  • 1 Whiskey Decanter
  • 8 Stainless Stones
  • 1 Stainless Steel Tray
  • 6 Whiskey Glasses
  • 1 Tong
  • 30 Days